Eco-wifi routers, eco baby monitors and iPad hardwired kits with measurably less electromagnetic radiation

Did you know that normal WiFi routers for wireless internet unnecessarily transmit a signal 10 times per second and 24 hours per day, even when they are not used? The solution is a low radiation wifi router. These routers come with the unique JRS Eco-Wifi firmware installed: an operating system that reduces electromagnetic radiation with a factor of 90% in stand-by. This reduces exposure to electromagnetic radiation from the router by a factor of 10, measurably.

  • Reduce WiFi radiation by 90% in standby.
    Connection throughput speed and network stability remain the same.
  • Up to 95% reduction in transmit power, adjustable.
  • Scheduled automatically fully (100%) switch off Wifi radiation (for example at night). Wired internet keeps functioning.

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JRS Eco-Wifi 03 on Asus